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Touch, kiss, bite to your heart's content

Exciting news coming soon on my facebook page! But in the meantime, a little snippet of Sebastian and Ivy...a moment where Ivy takes control and Sebastian might like it.


She alternated the kisses with little bites as he had done to her

in the past. Every time her teeth raked his skin, he groaned in

approval. Experimentally, she licked a spot below his jaw before

lightly biting his earlobe. He tasted salty and clean, shuddering in

response to her exploration.

"Is it alright to do this?" Her palms spread across his chest,

feeling the powerful muscles bunch beneath her fingertips.

"God, yes.” His sharp laugh was incredulous. “Touch, kiss, bite

to your heart's content. If you don’t kill me first.”

"Even here?" Ivy whispered, her hands drifting down to the

bulge in his breeches. Running a shy finger over the rise beneath

the fabric, his low groan thrilled her. It was a revelation to discover

she could tease and torment him as he did her.

"No. I won't be able to control myself if I allow you that,” he

said. “I've no intention of making love to you, our first time as

husband and wife, on a damn settee in the library when we have a

magnificent bed at our disposal.”

"I want to touch you. To feel you in my hands. Like I did that

day by the stream. Please, Sebastian.” Ivy kissed him, using her

mouth to persuade him while her hands worked the buttons to his


Sebastian stared at her as though he’d lost all his wits, and she

continued to undress him when his hands quivered, unable to halt

her progress. She explored the hollow of his throat, pressing her

lips where his pulse beat in quick thumps. One by one, each button

slipped free until his erection eased from the tight confines of the

breeches and into the warmth of her hands.

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