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My Darling Rogue_eBook.jpg
Falling in love with a rogue is risky...

Lady Celia Buchanan lives her life in a social whirl. And she's hiding a secret that could ruin her. She needs a suitable husband who is either blissfully unaware of the devastating truth or adores her so much it won’t matter. She doubts such a man exists until she discovers Gabriel Rose watches her from the shadows. He may be a rogue, but his kisses set Celia on fire, and the things he whispers in her ear are utterly scandalous.

Gabriel Rose straddles the border between nobility and London’s murky shadows. He is content there—until he discovers an obsession with the one woman he can never claim as his. But when Celia grants him a kiss in the darkness, her fate is sealed. Once Gabriel tastes her sweetness, he cannot let her go. What must he do to keep her forever?

Destiny is a fickle creature. A bastard is abruptly elevated to the rank of marquess, and a lady is caught in a compromising situation. A hasty marriage may not erase dark secrets and society's prejudices, but will a dangerous threat from the past force these star-crossed lovers to realize they belong together?


3 - Untaming Lady Violet_eBook.jpg

The wallflower turns wild...


Lady Violet Everstone is quiet, obedient, and not the type of woman Tristan Buchanan usually pursues. If she wasn't so shy, she might find the courage to grant the viscount a smile. If she were brave, she would try mending his broken heart. She's loved him since childhood, but wallflowers like herself are rarely noticed. Rather than risk certain heartache, she must abandon the foolish dream of becoming his wife.


Tristan, Viscount Longleigh, never expected his sister's dearest friend to drop into his lap like a wayward kitten. While he's hardly noticed Violet before, he certainly cannot ignore her now. Provoking this lush redhead until the hidden fires in her eyes roar to life becomes his greatest desire. Although she's promised to another man, Tristan vows to show Violet she can claim her own destiny.


And that kiss they share?


It tempts fate and leaves Tristan with a decision to make.


Will he remain the carefree bachelor while his wild Violet is crushed by responsibility and duty?


Or become her knight in shining armor and sacrifice his heart for love?


2 - The Untamed Duke_eBook.jpg
"Honeybee, I haven't a drop of honorable blood in my body. I'm cold. Selfish. Hollow. And I greatly enjoy the reputation my cruelty has gained me."

They call him the Winter Wolf. Nicholas March has few morals. fewer friends, and a notorious lack of honor. And his heart? What remains of it is cold, desolate and locked away. He learned long ago the lessons of betrayal. Never trust a woman. Recognize others will expect the worst. And no matter the cost, always retain control of any situation.

Grace Willsdown has no patience for Society's silly games and no desire for the imprisonment of marriage. When a secret lien against her home is revealed, everything she treasures lies clenched in Nicholas's palm. She must make the Devil's bargain to save it all. Five nights of pleasure and the claim will be dissolved.

But neither Nicholas nor Grace anticipate the depths of their desire after their first night together. Consuming. Tender and brutal. Boundaries become distorted. What is the bargain? And what is true emotion? Will they brave the storms and fires to unlock their love? Or turn their backs when the five nights are done?

***The Untamed Duke contain sexual scenes that are tastefully detailed, as well as strong language. If this disturbs you as a reader, please understand these instances are necessary and play an integral role in the arc and development of the storyline and the characters themselves.


1 - Taming Ivy_eBook.jpg
Only one thing stands between Sebastian and his quest for revenge. He's falling in love with his prey.

Ivy Kinley destroyed a young man, heart and soul. Now, she's the target of a cruel game where she is the prize. Wagers are placed: Survive her or win her.

Sebastian Cain, the Earl of Ravenswood, is undaunted by Ivy's reputation. Returning to England, he means to avenge his cousin's tragic death and ruin the woman responsible. His plan is to lull her with an offer of friendship, one he is certain she will not refuse. But until he has Ivy's heart bleeding and tattered in his pocket and the lady in his bed, at his mercy and begging for more, he will pursue her. Can he tame her? Perhaps. Could he ruin her? Most definitely. Should Ivy trust his offer of friendship? Absolutely not.

A quest for revenge becomes a mutual obsession for them both.

Who will be ruined first?

Who will be tamed?


A Scandal Before Xmas_eBook.jpg
"I am yours, and you are mine. Forever."

Lady Lauren Kendall has sworn that she’ll never marry. Betrayal by the man you love definitely hardens a woman’s heart. And forgetting her wicked former fiancé isn’t easy. Especially when his kisses are hot enough to melt the winter snow.

Theodore Hawthorne cannot forget the woman who should have been his wife. Forced together at a country house Christmas party, the fire between them is far from extinguished. Determined to win Lauren back, Theodore sets a course of tender seduction.

A heart once broken is not easily won the second time around. One thing is certain, however. By the stroke of midnight on Christmas Day, there will either be a scandal to resolve or a wedding to celebrate!


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