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He saw me.

He took me.

He ruined me.

Now, I’m his.

I belong here with this monster, yet I still long for freedom.

I say that I hate him, but my heart pounds faster when he kisses me.

He breaks me. Spoils me. Taunts me when I’m on my knees before him. His punishments are exquisite pleasures I willingly endure.

Because I crave how he puts me back together again and again.

I’m nothing more than payment for a debt but Kingston treats me as though I am his most precious treasure. He swears that I’m safe, but the treachery of our enemies is subtle and cruel. They will not stop until I am at their mercy and Kingston is dead from a bullet in the back.

But I can ruin those seeking our destruction. I can save us before all is lost. Will love weaken or strengthen us when it matters most?

I’m Ava Bella Blue. A prisoner trapped in a gilded cell of lust and secrets.

Kingston Vaughn Winter is the beast I have fallen in love with.


It’s his personal motto but I’ve adopted it for my own now.

His obsession will become our salvation. And I will win this king’s savage heart before this is over.


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I saw her.

I wanted her.

I took her.

The money is just an excuse. Her brother’s debt? A convenient justification for my obsession. She’s been mine since the day I laid eyes on her.

Taking her captive stirs up a storm. Her depraved brother wants her back. My own half-brother is determined to snatch my kingdom from me, and my men lust after the woman I’ve stolen. And she looks at me with reluctant, angry desire every time I touch her.

And I touch her every chance I get. She’s so bright and shiny—a pretty toy I can break and put back together again and again. She may be my prisoner, but she’s got my black heart locked up tight.

Well, I won’t need that useless lump of muscle and tissue if I lose her. I won’t need anything except the blood of our enemies dripping from my hands. I’ll rip the heart out of any man who dares hurt her and place it at her feet.


When it comes to my wicked little lamb, my personal motto means everything.

I’m Kingston Vaughn Winter.

And Ava Bella Blue is mine.


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