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Yes...I know. It's been a little over a month since I posted ANYTHING! But you see, I've been busy celebrating 30 years of marriage, my 50th birthday and my 1st time as a published author this year. It's been exciting! One of the most fabulous things I've experienced as an author thus far is the creation of Book And Main Bites Haven't heard of it? It's like Instagram for readers and authors...nothing but bites of books. You

follow your favorite authors, share bites, see exclusive content, deleted scenes, WIP scenes. No spam or ads, just bites of books and nothing else. It's fabuloustasic! I just made up that word lol. Check it out, join (it's free!) and follow me @aprilmoranbooks to read some STEAMY stuff (there are flame ratings so you can see how hot a bite is) I'll have a bite from a new contemporary romance I'm working on...TOO HOT TO POST HERE LOL! Oh, and do not fret-I'm also writing the second book in the Taming Series...whooo. It's pretty hot too.

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