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Romance Thursday

Yes...Romance on a Thursday. Or any day for that matter. I believe date nights should not be reserved just for the single folks out there. Every couple should take time out for themselves to enjoy each other's company, to reconnect, to hold hands and whisper softly with each other in the middle of a crowd. To share a kiss without children needing your attention, or friends to distract you. A night out when you both get dressed up, for dinner or a movie, a walk on the beach, a concert-- whatever you decide to do. Because it's all about love and being with the one who makes your heart beat a little faster. And this world needs a lot more of people being insanely, utterly, madly in love with their husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, partner. Love--you can survive without it, but why would you want to?

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1 Comment

Melony Bowden
Melony Bowden
Oct 12, 2017

Well said! I Agree!

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