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Ah yes--The Book Boyfriend lol. He does exist...on paper, anyway. In a romance novel you'll find him in all sorts of places. Downtown in the city, out on the farm. Running a business, or just a idle millionaire with nothing but time on his hands. In this case, he resides in 1830's London and not only does he have the funds and means to get what he wants, he has no qualms about the methods used to obtain it.

Sebastian Cain is the intense, revenge driven Earl of Ravenswood in my new novel, TAMING IVY. And he's swoon-worthy enough to make you overlook his more ruthless tendencies. Don't you agree?

As a reminder! Since I am new to the Blogging World, I am running a giveaway! Once I've reached 50 subscribers, a lucky member will win an autographed paperback copy of TAMING IVY and a $10 Starbucks Giftcard! This contest ends as soon as I reach 50 subscribers though, so hurry and sign up! Don't make me send Sebastian after you...wait...some of you would prefer that, lol!

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