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~Allie Darling

My new boss doesn’t like me, but that doesn't stop me from fantasizing about him. That's all it can ever be, though. Fantasies. Flynn Alexander hired me because I have a talent, a very special talent I’ve worked hard to perfect. He says it’s a trick, useful but still a trick. He plans to exploit it. In the business of whiskey, a world where men have ruled for centuries, I’m making my mark. I’ll prove I belong here. I’ll earn their respect and my place. All I have to do is ignore my thirst for Flynn Alexander.


~Flynn Alexander

Devil’s Gold Distilleries has a new employee. And I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s smart. Clever enough not to get involved with her boss. Strong enough to resist the attraction we both feel. And so beautiful I forget my own rules. But like a tumbler of rare whiskey that must be savored, one sip of Allie Darling won’t satisfy me. I want all of her. The burn. The sweet. The fire.


Will we give in to temptation or keep our distance? All is fair in love and whiskey, and one more taste might shatter us both.

Whiskey Darling (Signed Paperback)

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