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The Taming Series (Book 1 of 3)



Only one thing stands between Sebastian and his quest for revenge. He's falling in love with his prey.

Ivy Kinley destroyed a young man, heart and soul. Now, she's the target of a cruel game where she is the prize. Wagers are placed: Survive her or win her.

Sebastian Cain, the Earl of Ravenswood, is undaunted by Ivy's reputation. Returning to England, he means to avenge his cousin's tragic death and ruin the woman responsible. His plan is to lull her with an offer of friendship, one he is certain she will not refuse. But until he has Ivy's heart bleeding and tattered in his pocket and the lady in his bed, at his mercy and begging for more, he will pursue her. Can he tame her? Perhaps. Could he ruin her? Most definitely. Should Ivy trust his offer of friendship? Absolutely not.

A quest for revenge becomes a mutual obsession for them both.

Who will be ruined first?

Who will be tamed?

***TAMING IVY contains sexual situations described in detail between the main characters as well as instances of dubious consent, strong language, references to suicide, abduction, and mental illness. If this type of subject matter disturbs you as a reader, please understand it is an integral part of the storyline and the characters' development. There are sexual interactions that some may consider dubious consent in nature as the characters fight their feelings for each other. My characters are flawed. They do awful things, behave even worse, make mistakes, apologize, stumble yet again, and still redeem themselves for the sake of true love. I also took generous liberty with the idea of Ivy being left mainly to her own devices with a grieving, frustrated father who is absent much of the time.

Taming Ivy (Signed Paperback)

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