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A Wicked Rogues Romance


Falling in love with a rogue is risky...

Lady Celia Buchanan lives her life in a social whirl. And she's hiding a secret that could ruin her. She needs a suitable husband who is either blissfully unaware of the devastating truth or adores her so much it won’t matter. She doubts such a man exists until she discovers Gabriel Rose watches her from the shadows. He may be a rogue, but his kisses set Celia on fire, and the things he whispers in her ear are utterly scandalous.

Gabriel Rose straddles the border between nobility and London’s murky shadows. He is content there—until he discovers an obsession with the one woman he can never claim as his. But when Celia grants him a kiss in the darkness, her fate is sealed. Once Gabriel tastes her sweetness, he cannot let her go. What must he do to keep her forever?

Destiny is a fickle creature. A bastard is abruptly elevated to the rank of marquess, and a lady is caught in a compromising situation. A hasty marriage may not erase dark secrets and society's prejudices, but will a dangerous threat from the past force these star-crossed lovers to realize they belong together?

*** Please be aware this book contains adult situations, bad language, and many, many steamy scenes. If you find prior assault, dub-con, dirty talk, and an unapologetic, possessive hero to be offensive, you might want to read a different book.***

My Darling Rogue (Signed Paperback)

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