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Savage Duet (Book 1 of 2)


I saw her.

I wanted her.

I took her.

The money is just an excuse. Her brother’s debt? A convenient justification for my obsession. She’s been mine since the day I laid eyes on her.

Taking her captive stirs up a storm. Her depraved brother wants her back. My own half-brother is determined to snatch my kingdom from me, and my men lust after the woman I’ve stolen. And she looks at me with reluctant, angry desire every time I touch her.

And I touch her every chance I get. She’s so bright and shiny—a pretty toy I can break and put back together again and again. She may be my prisoner, but she’s got my black heart locked up tight.

Well, I won’t need that useless lump of muscle and tissue if I lose her. I won’t need anything except the blood of our enemies dripping from my hands. I’ll rip the heart out of any man who dares hurt her and place it at her feet.


When it comes to my wicked little lamb, my personal motto means everything.

I’m Kingston Vaughn Winter.

And Ava Bella Blue is mine.

A King So Savage contains material that may be upsetting to some readers. TW: violence, dark romance, dubcon, mature langue, sensitive content, adult situations, and jealous/possessive themes.

A King So Savage (Signed Hard Cover)

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