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Savage Duet (Book 2 of 2)


He saw me.

He took me.

He ruined me.

Now, I’m his.

I belong here with this monster, yet I still long for freedom.

I say that I hate him, but my heart pounds faster when he kisses me.

He breaks me. Spoils me. Taunts me when I’m on my knees before him. His punishments are exquisite pleasures I willingly endure.

Because I crave how he puts me back together again and again.

I’m nothing more than payment for a debt but Kingston treats me as though I am his most precious treasure. He swears that I’m safe, but the treachery of our enemies is subtle and cruel. They will not stop until I am at their mercy and Kingston is dead from a bullet in the back.

But I can ruin those seeking our destruction. I can save us before all is lost. Will love weaken or strengthen us when it matters most?

I’m Ava Bella Blue. A prisoner trapped in a gilded cell of lust and secrets.

Kingston Vaughn Winter is the beast I have fallen in love with.


It’s his personal motto but I’ve adopted it for my own now.

His obsession will become our salvation. And I will win this king’s savage heart before this is over.

***Please note this book contains trigger warnings and may not be suitable for all readers. These include dub-con, non-con, S/A, bullying, violence, death and bad language. Please read responsibly. ***

A Heart So Savage (Signed Hard Cover)

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