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The wallflower turns wild…

Lady Violet Everstone is quiet, obedient, and not the type of woman Tristan Buchanan usually pursues. If she wasn't so shy, she might find the courage to grant the viscount a smile. If she were brave, she would try mending his broken heart. She’s loved him since childhood, but wallflowers like herself are rarely noticed. Rather than risk certain heartache, she must abandon the foolish dream of becoming his wife.

Tristan, Viscount Longleigh, never expected his sister’s dearest friend to drop into his lap like a wayward kitten. While he’s hardly noticed Violet before, he certainly cannot ignore her now. Provoking this lush redhead until the hidden fires in her eyes roar to life becomes his greatest desire. Although she’s promised to another man, Tristan vows to show Violet she can claim her own destiny.

And that kiss they share?

It tempts fate and leaves Tristan with a decision to make.

Will he remain the carefree bachelor while his wild Violet is crushed by responsibility and duty?

Or become her knight in shining armor and sacrifice his heart for love?


"Honeybee, I haven't a drop of honorable blood in my body. I'm cold. Selfish. Hollow. And I greatly enjoy the reputation my cruelty has gained me."

They call him the Winter Wolf.
Nicholas March has few morals. fewer friends, and a notorious lack of honor.
And his heart? What remains of it is cold, desolate and locked away. He learned long ago the lessons of betrayal. Never trust a woman. Recognize others will expect the worst. And no matter the cost, always retain control of any situation.

Grace Willsdown has no patience for Society's silly games and no desire for the imprisonment of marriage. When a secret lien against her home is revealed, everything she treasures lies clenched in Nicholas's palm. She must make the Devil's bargain to save it all.

Five nights of pleasure and the claim will be dissolved. But neither Nicholas nor Grace anticipate the depths of their desire after their first night together. Consuming. Tender and brutal. Boundaries become distorted. What is the bargain? And what is true emotion?

Will they brave the storms and fires to unlock their love? Or turn their backs when the five nights are done?


She's dangerous.
A sip of poison.
From the moment I see her, I want to...
Destroy her.
Ruin her.
Make her mine.
I Want Her.
He's dangerous.
Not to be trusted.
My heart aches and I want to...
Explain my guilt.
Beg his forgiveness.
Feel his lips on mine.
I Want Him.

Sebastian, Earl of Ravenswood, will not be stopped. He will ruin the woman responsible for the death of his cousin. Even if he falls in love with her. Even if he counts her every heartbeat as if it were his own. Even if her destruction destroys his soul, he will take all from her.


Ivy, Countess of Somerset, has fallen in love. But it's not safe. And it is too terrifyingly beautiful to turn away from. Will he take her heart and rip it to pieces or hold it as tenderly as he does her body? Her world exists within the circle of his arms and if he has his way, if he loves her as desperately as she loves him, they will both willingly burn in the flames.


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From the snowbound Scottish Highlands to the glittering ballrooms of London, our fearless heroines enter the Christmas season in pursuit of their heart's desire.

But, the course of true love never did run smooth... especially when SCANDAL is afoot.

Settle in to enjoy these tales of romantic adventure, sizzling passion, and heartwarming holiday romance.

This collection of never-before-published Yuletide historical romances from your favorite authors is available for just three months, so don’t miss out.

Unwrap the pleasure...
A Scandal Before Christmas - by April Moran

He’s determined to win her back; she’s determined to resist. Will the night before Christmas bring scandal or the renewed promise of a wedding?
*My story in the collection, A Scandal Before Christmas, will be available as a novella in October 2021.